There are many reasons why homeowners decide to sell their home. From the intentions of growing a family to the adjustments of downsizing, there is hope that a strategic plan will lead to a successful sale. Along with the process comes an understanding of the time needed for preparation, execution and closure. However, there are other times where planning and time complicate the process because of immediate needs. This may happen when:

1. A family member dies and the beneficiaries decide to sell the property for fast money.
2. Repairs are numerous and costly.
3. The home is heading into foreclosure.
4. Homeowners need to relocate quickly and do not have the time to worry about listing the house.
5. The home has been on the market for a long time and has not sold.
6. Cash is needed now for an unexpected situation.
7. The owners do not want to pay commision to a real estate agent. 

For any of these reasons, it may be best to seek a real estate investor.

In Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area, Kprince Properties can be the solution.

Started in 2016, Kprince Properties began with the desire to help homeowners find solutions to their real estate problems. This is a firm who loves helping others out of uncomfortable situations. As a member of the local REA (Real Estate Association), they work to understand the needs of their clients with the focus to relieve the stress of selling a home.

Searching for ways to assist, they capture inquires on their website, send mailers and fliers to prospective properties. Their first interest is to understand why the home is selling and how they can best meet the needs of the homeowners.

                                                                                                                                            (Above is an example of a Kprince Property)

This firm believes no home is too ugly or has too many issues to not be considered. The firm’s owner feels, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Rehabbing one home will add beauty to the existing neighborhood. And for this reason, they work from the inside out to bring a property back to a prideful residence. Reshaping a house into a home is a project enjoyed by Kprince Properties. 

So what happens when you give them a call?

During the initial conversation, they will ask why you want to sell. The information will help the firm understand the seller’s objectives. The next topic will be the description of the property (square footage, the year built, number of bed/bath, current condition, etc.). This is the best time to inform Kprince Properties of all the issues with the property.  If you are unsure of what to disclose, the firm can assist you. Don’t worry, property issues do not discourage the interest of this firm. They seek to turn challenges into winning situations.

Next, the firm will make an appointment to meet with you and review the house. Property location, current condition, estimated repair costs and values of comparable houses recently sold in the area are some of the factors that assist in gauging the price of the home. Many pieces of information are taken into consideration to come up with a fair amount that works for both the seller and the firm.

The best aspect of selling to a real estate investor, such as Kprince Properties, is the ability to close the deal as quickly as possible. A reputable title company handles all aspects of the closing. The only paperwork involved is a legal real estate purchase and sales agreement. Kprince Properties gladly walks the client through the entire process.

If the homeowner feels they need more time, a seller can change their mind before the agreement is signed by the firm. Once the agreement is signed, the process cannot be canceled.

With Kprince Properties, you don’t have to worry about cleaning.  They will handle all items remaining in the home.  Their primary concern is to help the homeowner and enable them the opportunity to move on with the rest of their lives. Not only will this save time for the seller, but it will also save money.

Once purchased, your previous house will be in good hands with Kprince Properties. They will rehab the house and either keep it as a rental or place it on the market to first-time home buyers.

With Kprince Properties, the client can be confident their needs will be considered and a fair price offered for their property. 

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