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Frequently Asked Questions2018-10-13T22:56:28-04:00

Will the transaction be closed by a professional?2017-05-14T12:03:39-04:00

Yes. When you sell your house, the closing will always be handled and insured by a competent, professional Title Company or Real Estate Attorney.

What if I need time before we close the transaction? Do I have to close quickly?2017-05-14T12:03:00-04:00

Plan to sell your house on the date of your choice. If that’s in a matter of days, no problem, if you need time for any reason, take all you want. Remember with us, it’s always, and only, win-win.

Am I obligated to you in any way if I call or submit your website contact form with information about my house?2017-05-14T12:02:09-04:00

No. You’re never under obligation to us when you reach out via phone or our website contact form. We answer your questions, evaluate your house, and make a no-obligation all cash offer free of charge. We’re happy to give you our time and information. It’s all up to you whether you decide to sell to us – or not.

Will I have to pay a fee for you to visit and make an offer on my house?2017-05-14T12:01:27-04:00

Absolutely not. You won’t have to pay a dime to have us answer your questions, visit your house, or make an all cash offer for your house.

How do you determine the exact price you’ll pay for my house?2017-05-14T12:00:48-04:00

I consider a variety of factors when determining a cash price for your house. Prior to your consultation and answering your questions, we will evaluate
•    The current condition of your house
•    The cost and extent of repairs and renovations required
•    The amount of time it will take to complete needed repairs and renovations
•    The retail value of your house compared to others in the area after completing repairs and renovations
•    The amount of real estate commissions required to sell the house after repairs and renovations
•    The cost of maintaining the house during repairs and renovations until it’s ready to put on the market, including insurance, taxes, loan payments, utilities, and more

What exactly is an “ugly” house?2017-05-14T11:59:59-04:00

In our definition, we take it beyond just a house that is in poor condition or is visually ugly. We think situations can also make a house ugly, including:
•    Houses with serious structural issues like foundation problems
•    Houses located in less than desirable neighborhoods or high crime areas
•    Houses that are no longer convenient for a homeowner (long commute to work)
•    Houses located in flood plans or in areas prone to the effects of the weather
•    Houses with high interest rate mortgages or undesirable mortgage financing
•    Houses with payments and mortgage balances that are too high for the homeowner to handle
•    Houses that hold bad memories for a homeowner, such as divorce, death of a loved one, or tragic experience
•    Houses that create any other type of reason for a homeowner to want or need to move, including downsizing or relocating to another city

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