10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Brokers to List Your Home

//10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Brokers to List Your Home

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Brokers to List Your Home


Do you have a property and want to sell it off asap but don’t know how to without compromising on the price? Don’t worry, there are ample of real estate brokers who can help you list your home and get it sold off quickly. But not all brokers are capable of selling properties in a timely fashion. It takes lots of effort to find the buyer and keep the both sides – buyers, as well as sellers – happy,can be a daunting task for a real estate broker. So how to know if the real estate broker selected by you is competent enough or not?

Interviewing the broker one can get to know his experience and capabilities to get a property sold. But, when it comes to interviewing them people often get confused as what to ask. There are two most common questions that are often put up on the brokers – Most of How much they can get for the property? And other is What will be their commission? But these questions are no enough to trust the Brokers. You need to dig deeper. So here are 10 questions to ask when choosing a WA real estate brokers to list your home:

1) How much experience do you have as a real estate broker?

For real estate, the experience is must and it will be helpful for you. Also, the broker with a lot of experience cannot be the best choice by default. Experience in the case is who can handle everything and every situation properly such as negotiation and signing legal agreements.

2) What planning will you do while marketing the listings?

Without marketing, you cannot sell anything. For selling, you should apply the proper marketing strategies. Ask the real estate broker about the tools that he/she might use to market the listings. The marketing strategies should be up-to-date and not outdated.

3) Can you provide References of your previous clients?

Ask the real estate broker about people with whom he/she has worked in the past. Ask if they can provide a reference of someone so you can trust them more. You can also ask for the broker’s online availability such as Website or a Facebook page where people might have left some reviews.

4) Why should you be hired?

Ask the broker about his/her qualities that make him/her stand out. Ask why you should consider him/her over other brokers of the town. The broker should be able to justify his/her answer. In case, he/she fails to then you know what exactly you have to do.

5) How long will it take to sell my property?

Any broker cannot tell the exact time, day and date. But a broker can always tell about the current market status and anticipates the sale of the property.

6) How will we communicate with each other?

The real estate broker that you chose should be easily available for communication. Ask the broker what communication mode he/she prefers such as phone calls, what’s app, or something else.

7) Is your fee open for negotiations?

A real estate broker can prove to be expensive. But there are some who are open for negotiations. You can try and ask if the fees charged by the broker are negotiable or not. Asking this question can save you from the aftermath trouble that may arise at the end of the deal when your broker might seek for more, but you might not feel like to.

8) Is your real estate license is in good standing? Have you ever been subject to a client complaint?

Ask about the broker’s real estate broker. The broker should have a legal license to sell your property. Also, ask if any client has ever filed a complaint against him/her.

9) How many sellers are you representing now?

Know who busy your broker is by asking the number of sellers he/she is representing as of now. If he has many sellers, he might not be able to allot special time for your property.

10) How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood in the past year or two?

Ask the broker if he has lately sold any property in your neighborhood. The broker who is accustomed to your neighborhood will be in a better position to sell your property.

The aforementioned are a few questions you should ask the broker before hiring him/her. Knowing more about the broker can help you get an idea as for how well your property will be sold off.

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